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CARTELECTRONIC - USB Teleinformation interface for 1 meter




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Interface allowing you to directly connect your EDF meter to your computer or home automation controller via the USB port.

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Teleinformation is a protocol used by modern electricity meters to communicate with energy managers or load shedding systems.

Knowing that the maximum power has been reached, a load shedding system can, for example, cut off the power supply to the electric radiators or the water heater in order to return to a lower consumption than the maximum.

This modem is based on this protocol, and it allows you to directly connect your EDF meter to your computer via the USB port.

Moreover, this modem does not generate a "crazy" mouse under Windows! (activation of reading by software)

The module is absolutely simple. No need for an external power supply, just connect the ERDF meter on one side and the USB port on your PC on the other.

Thanks to this modem, you no longer need to go to your meter to take index readings, they will be displayed directly on your screen.

It is possible to switch a WINDOWS version modem to Linux or vice versa thanks to a jumper (Jumper) inside the casing.


  • Track your electricity consumption
  • 100% measurement accuracy
  • USB connection
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with Linky counters (in Historical and Standard mode)
  • Compatible with eedomus controller
  • Compatible with Rasberry Pi board
  • With DomoticZ - JEEDOM - Yadoms software (Linux mode of the modem)
  • Compatible with Olinuxino (Olimex) board
  • Windows or Linux mode selection jumper.



  • Power supply: 5V 50mA via USB port
  • miniB USB cable: 1.5m (included)
  • Number of counters: 1 optocoupled input
  • Indicators: 1 status LEDs (Reading)
  • Material: ABS housing
  • Protection index: IP21
  • Drivers for Windows (XP, seven...), LINUX, MAC OSX