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WATTECO - TRIPHAS'O 400A LoRaWAN energy meter + 3 Tores



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The TRIPHAS’O sensor allows remote reading via LoRaWAN network of the electrical energy consumption of a three-phase installation in a non-intrusive manner.

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The TRIPHAS'O sensor allows remote reading via LoRaWAN network of the electricity consumption of a three-phase installation in a non-intrusive manner. In single-phase installations, it is used for sub-metering. The sensor is specially designed to meet the energy management needs of industrial and tertiary buildings, operating with medium and high power equipment and high energy consumption.

For three-phase meters, the TRIPHAS'O sensor provides, for each phase, the active and reactive energy indexes, the various available powers, effective voltages, effective currents, and current/voltage phase angles. It transmits the sum of the different energy indexes and different powers of the three phases L1, L2, L3.

For single-phase installations, the TRIPHAS'O sensor provides the energy and power consumed on each circuit (sub-metering). The reporting of energies and powers is configurable via the downstream LoRaWAN link; it is possible to set it as low as 30 seconds for transient analysis during maintenance periods, for example.

The implementation of the sensor is quick and simple: the sensor is mounted on a DIN rail next to the electrical circuits. The external antenna can be remote-mounted via cable (not provided) when the sensor is installed in a metal cabinet. An optional waterproof remote antenna kit is available.

The sensor is powered by 50Hz-60Hz mains at 230 Volts between phase and neutral (or 400 Volts between two phases). The sensor is constructed in Class II.

Connections are provided by spring terminals.

Functions of the Watteco TRIPHAS'O energy meter:

  • Telemetry, energy management
  • Real-time monitoring of electricity consumption at the three-phase meter level
  • Sub-metering for up to 3 single-phase circuits
  • Easy implementation
  • DIN rail mount
  • External RF antenna can be remote-mounted
  • Active, reactive power
  • Active, reactive energy
  • Average or instantaneous power (consumption regime change analysis/maintenance)
  • Effective voltages and currents

Technical specifications of the Watteco TRIPHAS'O energy meter:

  • Frequency: EU: 863-870 MHz
  • Transmitted power: +14 dBm
  • Sensitivity: -140 dBm
  • Protocol - encryption: LoRaWAN®, Class C - data encrypted by AES128
  • Transmission:
  • Frames at 60-minute intervals (by default) up to 12 hours, remotely configurable via the LoRaWAN network
  • Configurable alert on variation (voltage, current, angle, energy, power)
  • Activation method: Over-The-Air Activation (OTAA) & Activation by Personalization (ABP)
  • User interface: Push button and network pairing status LEDs on sensor front panel
  • Supply range: 230VAC in Y configuration (with Neutral) and 400VAC in Delta configuration (without Neutral)
  • Split-core transformer mounted on 2m cable
  • Transformation ratio: 1/5000
  • For cable: maximum diameter 24 mm
  • Accuracy: ±4 Amp
  • Resolution: 0.1 Amp
  • Voltage/current angle: 1° resolution
  • Active energy resolution (reactive): 1W.h (1 Var.h)
  • Active power resolution (reactive): 1 W (1 Var)
  • Average power: Calculated over 10-minute interval (by default) up to 60 minutes, remotely configurable via the network.
  • Dimensions (mm): IP20 waterproof 3-module enclosure - width 53.5mm
  • Mounting: Snap-on DIN rail 35mm
  • Operating temperature (°C): -20°C to +55°C; to be installed in protected, moisture-free area