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FRANKEVER - Zigbee Tuya Smart Water Valve (Zigbee2Mqtt)



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Simplify your water management with the FRANKEVER Zigbee Smart Water Valve, compatible with Tuya (Zigbee2Mqtt).

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Zigbee FRANKEVER connected valve

The FRANKEVER Zigbee Smart Water Valve, compatible with Tuya (Zigbee2Mqtt), represents a major advance in intelligent water management for your home. This solution offers optimal automation, allowing precise and remote control of the water supply to your spaces.

Zigbee Tuya Compatibility (Zigbee2Mqtt)

Easily integrate the smart water valve into your existing home automation ecosystem for centralized management.

Remote flow control

Thanks to Zigbee connectivity, control the water valve from anywhere via the dedicated application on your smartphone, offering total flexibility.

Zigbee intelligent automation

Program personalized schedules, manage watering durations, and adapt the water flow according to the needs of your garden or green space.

Water saving

With the ability to precisely control the water supply, this intelligent valve contributes to a more responsible use of this precious resource.

Easy installation

The simple and intuitive installation allows rapid integration into your existing watering system, without requiring any special technical skills.

The FRANKEVER Zigbee Smart Water Valve, with its Tuya integration (Zigbee2Mqtt), offers an intelligent and practical solution for optimal water management, thus transforming your gardening into a modern and eco-responsible experience.


Features of the TUYA FRANKEVER smart valve

  • Connectivity: Zigbee and integrates with platforms like Tuya and Zigbee2Mqtt
  • Remote control: Ability to control the water valve via a smartphone app, providing remote management from anywhere
  • Automation: Features to program automatic watering schedules and personalized scenarios
  • Compatibility with home automation systems: Easy integration with existing home automation ecosystems, including Tuya and Zigbee2Mqtt
  • Water saving: Intelligent functions to regulate the quantity of water supplied, promoting more efficient and eco-responsible use
  • Easy installation: Design for easy installation, can be integrated into existing watering systems
  • Valve size: DN20
  • Maximum pressure: 1.0 MPa
  • Connection: threaded way (BSP/NPT)
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Power supply: DC 5V
  • Status indicators: LED or other indicators to signal the operating status of the valve