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Zigbee Tuya EN14604 smoke detector - MOES



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Be alerted when smoke is detected in your home and anywhere in the world with the MOES Zigbee smoke detector.

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Be alerted when smoke is detected

This product is an intelligent photoelectric smoke detector, with ultra-low power Zigbee wireless network technology design. It is able to detect in real time the presence of smoke, once it has detected a fire smoke danger, the red LED flashes quickly and the detectors sound once they detect a smoke fire danger, can alert you and your family, timely. It can be widely used in households, salons, cafes, dance halls and all other places requiring fire alarm monitoring. Free installation of the tool, once used.


    • Smart smoke detector: If you're looking for an easy-to-use and reliable way to protect your home from fire, a smart smoke detector is a must-have.
    • Independent smoke fire alarm: not only a smoke detector, it is also an independent smoke detector. Once it detects smoke at a dangerous level, you will be called back first.
    • Remote monitoring by smart phone to make your home smarter: No matter how far away from home, the home warning is in your hands.
    • High decibel alarm sound: When it detects a dangerous level of smoke concentration that could cause a fire, it alerts you with a red light and a loud audible alarm.
    • Protect your home from fire threats: install it in a location where fire is likely to occur for detection and alarm, to avoid the danger of fire spreading effectively.


    • Operating voltage: 3 V (1 CR123A/CR17335 lithium battery).
    • Visual alarm signal: red LED indicator
    • Sound level: > 85 dB (at 3 m straight)
    • Operating temperature: 0℃~+55℃
    • Working humidity: <95% RH (no condensation)
    • Dimensions HS2SA-1 / HM2SA-1W / WS2SA-1 / HM2SA-1: Φ86 x H34.5 mm HS2SA-5 / HM2SA-5W/ WS2SA-5/HM2SA-5: Ф86 x H31 mm
    • Mounting: wall mounting or ceiling mounting

Battery life: 10 years (HM2SA-1W, HM2SA-5W, HM2SA-1, HM2SA-5) 7 years (HS2SA-1, HS2SA-5) 5 years (WS2SA-1, WS2SA-5)

Packing List

  • Smoke detector* 1
  • Mounting bracket * 1
  • Manual * 1
  • Screw * 3
  • Anchor plug * 3