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FRIENT - Zigbee Electric Meter by LED pulse



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The FRIENT optical consumption meter measures electricity consumption in real time.

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Frient Electricity Meter Interface 2: Wireless meter readings, energy consumption monitoring, interface for electricity meters with LED pulses, Zigbee, works with Homey and SmartThings.

Informing you about your energy consumption

This frient is called an electricity meter interface – however, it lets you track whatever your meter with LED pulses is reading. The Electricity Meter Interface 2 really is a helpful little frient that lets you identify your peaks and start moving some of your consumption to off-peak periods – to help the grid, the environment, and your energy bill.

Working with meters with a blinking LED light

This electricity meter interface works with meters that has an LED indicating power consumption and a standard output rate of 1000 pulses/kWh. However, configuration of the pulse rate is available with selected hubs.

Easy installation

Mount the Electricity Meter Interface 2 on your meter and start getting remote meter readings via a compatible smart home hub. There’s no need for professional help to install it. You can do it by yourself. Features:


  • Working with meters with LED indicating power consumption
  • Become energy-aware with remote meter readings from the Electricity Meter Interface 2.
  • Track your energy consumption, identify peaks, reduce consumption, and save money.
  • Help the environment: Move some of your consumption to off-peak periods.
  • Easy installation: Mount this frient yourself on a meter that has an LED indicating power consumption.
  • HUB REQUIRED: This Zigbee frient needs a hub to connect to your smart home. The Electricity Meter
  • Interface 2 works with Homey and SmartThings. Not all features work with all hubs.
  • Compatible with: Meters that have a blinking LED light with a standard output rate of 1000 pulses/kW. Configurable pulse rate available with selected hubs.


  • Easy installation
  • Communication protocol: Zigbee
  • Battery: 3 x AA, exchangeable
  • Battery life: 2 years, updating every 5 seconds, at room temperature
  • IP class: IP22
  • Operation temperature: -20 to +60°C