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SUNRICHER - 4 buttons 2zones wall mounted Z-Wave+ scenes controller



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Single Color Push Button Z-wave Secondary Controller Light Switch SR-ZV9001K4-DIM-G2.

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The SR-ZV9001K4-DIM-G2 is a new single color wall mounted push button Z-Wave secondary controller dimmer switch which adopts latest z-wave RF Plus and Mesh network technology to switch and dim single color LED lighting. It is an universal z-wave slave and can be added to z-wave network or removed from z-wave network by z-wave primary (master) controllers or gateway.

The wall controller is powered by a cell lithium battery. The wireless controller is compatible with single color z wave receiver SR-ZV9101FA-DIM and different frequencies are available for different countries or areas. The signal transmit distance can be up to 30m.

It supports 3 groups for associations, a lifeline group association to primary (master) controller and 2 groups association to devices, the groups association to devices supports maximum 5 Z-wave devices per group. Compatible with existing frames from Berker, Gira, Jung and Merten, the z-wave secondary controller is easy to be mounted on the wall.


  • Z-wave slave controller
  • Source-routed Mesh Network Architecture
  • Each device works as a node
  • All Nodes Are Transceivers
  • Each Z-wave Network Allows Up to 232 Devices
  • Actively route around and circumvent obstacles or radio dead spots
  • Wireless Synchronization to Drastically Increase Control Distance
  • Devices can communicate to one another by using intermediate nodes
  • Added to z-wave network by z-wave masters or gateway
  • Removed from z-wave network by z-wave masters or gateway
  • Compatible with universal z-wave masters/gateway
  • Supports 1 lifeline group association to master controller
  • Supports 2 groups association to z-wave devices, maximum 5 devices per group


  • Power Supply : 3VDC (1xCR2450 battery)
  • Z-Wave Frequency : 868.42MHz
  • Range : up to 100 m outdoor, 20 m inside building
  • Dimensions : 71.2x71.2x13.6mm
  • Waterproof Grade : IP20
  • Installation : 3M glue or screws