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NEXELEC - DAAF LoRa smoke detector + Temperature/Humidity




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This indoor air quality monitor analyzes several essential parameters in real time: temperature, humidity and smoke detection.

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INSAFE + Origin, the multifunction indoor air analysis detector

INSAFE + Origin is an essential product for any Smart Home or Smart Building project. This connected detector acts simultaneously on 3 key functions of the building or home:

  • Safety: Protection of property and people in the event of fire
  • Comfort: Analysis of indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Energy: Control of temperature and ambient humidity

Integrated into an intelligent ecosystem, INSAFE + Origin will interact with all connected devices to simplify the daily lives of occupants and create automated scenarios.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): a challenge for smart buildings

With its innovative multi-sensor approach, INSAFE + Origin on its own replaces several products and significantly reduces acquisition, installation and maintenance costs.

The air analysis function allows property managers, real estate developers, social landlords or communities to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and offer occupants new personalized services: home support for vulnerable people, reduction of heating costs, optimization of hygrothermal comfort, safety of goods and people.


  • 1 INSAFE+ Origin detector
  • 1 installation support
  • 2 nylon screws and plugs
  • 1 user manual


  • Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    • User advice and actions to improve the comfort and indoor air quality indices
    • History of temperature and humidity measurements
  • Smoke detector
    • Smoke alarm
    • False alarm condition analysis algorithm with formulation of recommendations
    • Low battery warning
    • Detector end of life warning
    • Manual detector operation test
    • Functional self-test (every 45 s)
    • Pause the detector (10 min)
    • Pausing the low battery alarm (8 h)
    • Permanent "keep alive" state
    • Detector maintenance history
    • Alarm history
    • Device status
    • Battery life remaining


  • Indoor Air Quality Monitor
    • IZIAIR indoor air quality index (5 levels)
    • Temperature. Resolution: 0.2°C
    • Humidity. Resolution: 1% RH
  • Smoke detector
    • Photoelectric type smoke detector
    • Optical smoke detection by diffused light (Tyndall effect)
    • Acoustic power:> 85 dB at 3 m
    • Operation indicator: Red and orange flash led
    • Anti-insect protection: Avoid false alarms
  • Transmission frequency
    • Every 24 hours and as soon as an alarm appears
  • Connectivity
    • LoRa radio protocol
  • Physical characteristics
    • Power supply: 2 built-in sealed lithium batteries
    • Battery life: 10 years
    • Dimensions: L 105 mm x W 105 mm x H 30 mm
    • Net weight: 150g (including battery and stand)
    • Conditions of use: Indoor domestic environment
    • Temperature: 4°C to + 45°C
    • Hygrometry: from 15% RH to 95% RH
    • Mounting type: wall
    • CE certificate Standard
    • EN 14604
    • 2 years warranty