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KERLINK - Wanesy SNS2.x



Discover the Kerlink Wanesy SPN "one box" solution to quickly collect and expose your data to your IoT applications.

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Looking for a “one box” solution to collect and expose quickly & easily your data to your IoT applications?

You want to manage simply up to 50 Wirnet™ iFemtoCell Gateways (or iBTS and Wirnet™ Station) ?

You are looking for a LNS** to collect and expose the LoRaWAN™ data of your Kerlink Gateways ?

And of course, you are also very sensitive to end-to-end Network Security and solution robustness and reliability ?

Here is the Kerlink’s Wanesy™ SPN:

Specially designed for Small Private Networks, smart metering, smart cities, smart grid and smart agriculture, the Wanesy™ SPN is the perfect tool to simplify your deployment:

  • No technical barrier: no need of cloud (possible but not mandatory), data available locally, LoRaWAN™ management of up to 50 Kerlink Gateways.
  • No business brake: 3 years duration license, easy ROI calculation. So let’s start your own IoT network and unlock the power of your data !


Your benefits :

Quick deployment:

  • Feature natively embedded in the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell Firmware.
  • Allow management of up to 50 Kerlink Gateways (Wirnet™ iFemto, iBTS and Wirnet™ Station for the LoRa® information)
  • Local availability of LoRa® data (cloud possible but not mandatory)

Easy operate: Configuration of your IoT network (Internet of Things):

  • Massive import and connection of your LoRaWAN™ end-devices and Sensors
  • Aggregation, storage and exposure of your LoRa® data in a secured solution for your IoT applications.
  • Easy filtering per gateways, end-devices …
  • Save and restore configuration easily


Simple supervision:

  • End-devices status
  • Gateways status
  • And much more !


  • Local availability of LoRa® data (cloud not required)
  • Massive import and connection of your LoRaWAN ™ devices and sensors
  • Aggregation, storage and exposure of your LoRa® data in a secure solution for your IoT applications
  • Easy filtering by gateways, terminals ...
  • Simplified status monitoring (Lora server)
  • Saving and restoring your settings made easy


  • This platform supports Kerlink gateways: Wirnet iFemtoCell, Station, IBTS.
  • This solution is fully integrated into the firmware of Wirnet iFemtoCell: no additional cost for Cloud services.