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MOES - WIFI and Zigbee Tuya smart control panel (+ Alexa Built-in)



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Control your Tuya smart devices from a WIFI and Zigbee Tuya MOES control panel with the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

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A variety of devices can be connected

The panel, compatible with more than 410000 Tuya eco products, can control up to 20 kinds of products and add 100+ devices, to satisfy your one-click needs to live multi-scene smart life. Note: Please update to V2.2.5 or above if you need control smart switch module via this panel.

All in one

Integrated with multiple functions, it can be used as a ZigBee gateway and a variety of control panels such as light control panel, switch panel, visual doorbell panel, etc. To get a user-friendly interactive experience.

Control your devices anywhere and anytime

You can check and control the connected device at any time with a mobile phone, and change the device status at any time to meet different needs at any time.

A word triggers smart scenes

Connect multiple scenes, which synchronize with the mobile phone, replace the role of scene switch, combined with voice control, to be your intimate guardian.

Be your housekeeper to display information

With the 4-inch LCD screen, it dynamically presents the date and time, to intimately broadcast the daily weather on the homepage as your life assistant. You can also add common scenarios and devices to the homepage for one-click operation.

Self-adjusting brightness

The control panel will automatically adjust the brightness according to the brightness of the environment. To adapt to the environment intelligently, automatically increase the brightness in the bright environment and reduce it in the dark environment, to protect your eyes and give you a comfortable viewing experience.

LINUX, a superior system

The LINUX system equips a more streamlined instruction set, which brings faster system response and smoother control experience than the previous Android system.

The NSPanel Smart Scene wall switch is equipped with a powerful built-in thermostat and environmental sensors. You can set different indoor temperatures for different time periods, and NSPanel will automatically trigger heating or cooling equipment based on your setting conditions to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. In addition, NSPanel has a scenario-based control function, you can set different modes for wake up, work, entertainment and sleep, and can change the mode at any time.

Such a powerful panel, how to control it? There are three ways to control SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene wall switch: use the dual channel switches or touch screen nearby, use the APP to control when you are at a long distance, voice control makes your hand free.

Sonoff NSPanel is compatible with various devices from Sonoff, such as LED bulbs, LED Filament bulbs, LED light strips, S26 / S31, TX, MINIR2, POWR3 plugs!


      • Upgraded Version to Realize Simplest Control.
      • Variety of devices can be connected: compatible with over 410000 of Tuya eco products, can control up to 20 kinds of products, and add 100+ devices in (Note: Please update to V2.2.5 or higher version if you need control smart switch module via this panel.).
      • All in one, one is all.
      • Remote APP Control Anywhere and Anytime.
      • One Word Trigger Smart Scenes.
      • Be Your Housekeeper to Display Information.
      • Self-adjusting Brightness.
      • LINUX, A Superior System.


    • Product name: Smart Control Panel
    • Product model: CCP-TY-EU-LN
    • Input: 100-240 VAC,50/60Hz
    • Rated current: 74mA
    • Wireless protocol: Wi-Fi, Zigbee
    • Working temperature: 0℃-40℃
    • Working humidity: 5%-90%RH non-condensing
    • Product size:
    • 86.0x86.0x10.5mm (without base)
    • 86.0x86.0x36.2mm (including base)