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HEATIT - Z-TRM6 Z-Wave+ electronic thermostat (Black)


Heatit Controls


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Heatit Z-TRM6 is an electronic thermostat designed for electrical heating. Black version.

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 S2 Security ZWave-SmartStart-SHE.png

Heatit Z-TRM6 is an electronic thermostat designed for electrical heating. The thermostat can be controlled through your Z-Wave network or via the buttons on the front. The thermostat has a user friendly interface.

Heatit Z-TRM6 has 3 modes; Heat - Cool and Eco.

The thermostat fits in standard European junction boxes and may be used with most System 55 frames. It has a sturdy metal frame for secure fastening on the junction box. The thermostat has one built-in room temperature sensor. Two additional external temperature sensors may also be connected.

Heatit Z-TRM6 has active power metering and it gives you real time information about your power consumption. It also allows you to set the power metering value manually in case of connection with a contactor.

The product has implemented ZeroX technology. This technology makes sure the relay switches at 0V when turning on and off. With this technology the thermostat will have a much longer lifetime.

The thermostat can be set up with multiple associations and can be used as a master thermostat. It can control up to 10 thermostats and 10 external relays E.g wall plugs.


  • Z-Wave thermostat
  • Internal room sensor
  • External room sensor (wired by cable)
  • Floor sensor
  • Power regulator
  • Temperature limiter
  • 3 modes: Heat, Cool and Eco
  • SmartStart
  • Temperature readout in gateway
  • Weekly schedule in gateway
  • Firmware update (OTA)
  • Active power metering
  • Hysteresis/PWM
  • Relay status icon
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Single pole switch
  • Lock mode/child lock
  • Temperature calibration
  • Open window detection
  • ZeroX detection
  • Supports encryption modes S0, S2 Authenticated Class, S2 Unauthenticated Class


    • Z-Wave Frequency: Z-Wave - 868.4 MHz (EU)
    • Z-Wave Chip: Z-Wave 800 chip
    • Min radio frequency range: 40m
    • Over The Air update (OTA): Yes
    • Push buttons: 3
    • Temperature measurement range: 5 til 40°C
    • Z-Wave encryption mode: S0, S2 Authenticated Class, S2 Unauthenticated Class
    • Certifications: Z-Wave Plus v2
    • Voltage: 230V 50Hz
    • Max load (resistive load) 3600W
    • Max current 16A
    • Own power usage: 2W
    • Switch type: One-pole switch
    • Ambient temperature range in use: 5 til 40°C
    • Min. and max ambient humidity (RH%): 10 til 85%
    • Connection type: Screw clamps
    • Connection terminals diameter: 1.5 til 2.5mm²
    • Max tightening torque connections: 2N·m
    • Protection grade (IP): IP21
    • Declarations: CE declaration
    • Compatible NTC-sensors (kΩ @ 25°C): 10, 100, 12, 15, 22, 33, 47, 6.8
    • Effect regulator Timed cycle: 0-30 minutes
    • Error margin temperature: 0,5°C
    • Temperature sensitivity: ±0,5
    • Night lowering as thermostat: Via Gateway
    • Night lowering as regulator: Via Gateway
    • Frost protection as thermostat: 5
    • Hysteresis: 0,3 to 3,0 (default hysteresis 0,5)
    • Regulation temperature: 5 til 40°C
    • Ohm value at 25°C: 10000Ω