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Multi-protocol gateway METAHome (Z-Wave+ and CRC) - CHERUBINI



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METAHome, the multi-protocol gateway to control all devices in a building..

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The METAHome gateway allows you to integrate Z-Wave and Cherubini Radio CRCRX devices into a single system, providing a set of features for Smart Home.

The new METAHome system is open to endless possibilities, born with the Z-Wave protocol but developed to also manage EnOcean or ZigBee.

METAHome integrates perfectly with all Cherubini CRC RX radio engines and can therefore be integrated into existing installations.

METAHome is compatible with Google Home and Alexa voice assistants. Thanks to Cherubini modules or those of the main Z-Wave producers, it is possible to manage the functions of a building with a view to optimal home automation, optimizing energy consumption and housing comfort.

Create your ideal scenario

META receives and manages data from sensors and devices, activating events and scenarios according to your preferences.

So you always have control of your installations, monitoring and optimizing consumption for a more comfortable home.


With the METAHome application, you can define a simple rule to open and close blinds and shutters, manage the lighting. The brightness sensor integrated in the METAHome gateway ensures the desired level of brightness and optimizes electricity consumption.

You can keep control at all times with voice commands and the app.


Make sure at all times that your shutters, blinds and garage doors are properly closed. Simply configure an event or scenario in METAHome for the installation to be protected. You can act on it at any time from your phone.

Thanks to the compatibility of the META System with several modules on the market, you can extend the intelligent functionalities related to security, by integrating for example alarms, cameras, motion detectors...

Energy saving

The METAHome gateway incorporates temperature, humidity and light sensors to configure automatic functions with the aim of reducing energy consumption, activating the opening and closing of awnings and roller shutters at different times of the day depending on the sunshine.

In addition, by extending the system to other compatible devices, we can include the monitoring and activation of air conditioners and heaters in events and scenarios. Everything from your App.


The META system also allows you to manage the opening and closing of gates and garage doors, program scenarios that facilitate leaving or returning home.


  • Multi-protocol home automation box
  • Supports Z-Wave and CRC (Cherubini Remote Control) technologies
  • Built-in temperature, humidity, and light sensors
  • Supports SmartStart and S2
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Simplified installation


  • Power supply: 5VDC
  • Temperature limit: 105°C
  • Operating temperature: Between -10 +40 °C
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave 868.4 MHz
  • Maximum distance: up to 100 m outdoors / up to 40 m indoors
  • Electrical protection index: IP 20
  • Compliance: CE, RoHS