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SONOFF - Extension cable for SONOFF sensor




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Extend the length of your temperature and humidity sensor with the SONOFF extension cable.

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Thanks to the SONOFF extension cable, take advantage of a longer length of a temperature and humidity sensor.


  • Suitable For SONOFF DS18B20, Si7021 and AM2301 Temperature & Humidity Sensor.
  • Maximum extended length depends on the sensor mode, DS18B20 up to 8m, AM2301 and SI17021 up to 60m.


  • Insulation resistance: Min. 500mΩ
  • Conductor resistance: Max. 5Ω
  • Certification: RoHS
  • Length: 5m cable length & Max. 60m extendable length.
  • Application: Suitable for SONOFF DS18B20, Si7021 and AM2301 temperature & humidity sensor, AM2301 can be extended to 60M, DS18B20 can be extended to 8M, SI7021 can be extended to 60M.